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Equinox Labradorite Signet Ring

Signet rings were invented to seal a statement in style. Equinox is no exception. A large faceted oval labradorite stone is housed in an 18kt gold vermeil ring shank, the sides bedecked in white topaz bursts. Wear alone or as part of a striking assemblage. Lulu Designs Jewelry creates elegant necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets crafted from silver, gold, precious gemstones and fine metals in Mill Valley, CA. Each piece presents a harmonious balance of organic elements and modern aesthetics, blending metalwork with nature’s bounty. Available in sizes 6,7, & 8, please add your desired size below in the note section. 

This exclusive design was created in celebration of The de Young Open 2023 exhibition featuring artwork from the nine Bay Area counties.

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