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Kelly Green Italian Leather Frizione Bag

Crafted with passion and precision, our Italian clutch is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design. The supple leather exterior, sourced from the finest tanneries, exudes a luxurious touch that speaks to the authenticity of its Italian heritage. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the hand-stitched seams and carefully selected hardware, creating a piece that is as durable as it is stylish. Embrace the versatility of this accessory – a clutch for a night out or a crossbody for an effortless day in the sun. The interior is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your essentials, with well-organized compartments that add functionality without compromising on sophistication. As you carry the Frizione, envision the rolling hills of the Italian countryside and the vibrant energy of its bustling markets. The bag encapsulates the essence of Frizione – a region synonymous with passion, grace, and the art of savoring life's simple pleasures. Elevate your style, embrace the spirit of Frizione, and let this genuine Italian clutch/crossbody be the epitome of your refined elegance. Created in Italy, Solo Perché bags are created with years of experience hand-selecting designs that are made with the modern woman in mind. With a focus on luxury quality and traditional craftsmanship, Solo Perché sources all leather and crafts each purse in Italy. Measures 11 x 7 x 2 in.

Care: Leather should be cleaned regularly using a microfiber cloth to dust the surface. For a nice shiny look, use a damp cloth and saddle soap. If leather is dry, rub some moisture into it with a commercial leather polish. If the leather gets wet, air dry it slowly. To prevent color changes, leather products should be kept in a cool and dry place protected from the direct sunlight or heat. Do not store leather in a plastic bag or container because this can also cause discoloration.

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