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Mid-Century Modern Furniture


"The perfect book for any fan of mid-century design, this new title from Dominic Bradbury features hundreds of pieces from the 1930s through the1970s. From familiar favorites to the most esoteric designs, it explores an era of revolutionary creativity in form, function, and use of new materials."

-Jack \ Assistant Manager
The ultimate collector’s resource, including hundreds of pieces by both well- and lesser-known designers from around the world. From armchairs and chaises lounges to cabinets and nightstands, the period between the late 1930s and early 1970s was one of the most productive, inventive, and exciting eras for objects and furniture in the home. Following 1945, when postwar optimism combined with new manufacturing methods and material techniques, there was an explosion of design innovation and demand for goods. Hardcover, 448 pages.

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