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The Triumph of Nature

The Triumph of Nature returns us vividly to an entrancing time in European decorative arts, from its beginnings in the Arts and Crafts movement and Japonisme, through to its evolution into Art Deco style.

An exuberant, radical style, Art Nouveau blithely trampled many of the Victorian Age’s orthodoxies of art and design. Exploding age-old strictures with its fanciful approach to furniture, graphic arts, jewelry, architecture and more, Art Nouveau also embraced new technologies and incorporated foreign stylistic flourishes. It was also unabashedly luxurious and sensual.

This stunningly illustrated comprehensive volume gathers a profusion of Art Nouveau works and accessories—furniture, paintings, sculpture, mosaics, books, posters, prints, lamps, glass, and other stunning objets d’art— all of them originally designed and coordinated to complement each other in elaborate ensembles. Hardcover, 256 pages.

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