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Twinka Thiebaud and the Art of the Pose

Seventy years, thirty-three artists, one subject. The first publication to highlight Twinka Thiebaud’s career as an artist’s model.

Over the course of seven decades, Twinka Thiebaud has collaborated with more than thirty artists working in photography, painting, and drawing. This is the first catalog to explore her body of work as an artist’s model alongside developments in photographic techniques and technology, and the role of nature in defining West Coast experimentation.  Alongside 120 paintings, drawings, and photographs that date from the 1940s through 2022, this catalog’s essays and interviews investigate the body/nature relationship in photographs of Thiebaud from the 1970s and 2000s, as well as her collaborations with such artists as Wayne Thiebaud, Judy Dater, Elizabeth Opalenik, and John Reiff Williams. Hardcover, 127 pages.

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