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Wonderful Blackiful People

An Inspiring Celebration of Black Changemakers, Past and Present, from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wonderful Blackiful People shines a light on the indelible contributions made by 26 of the Bay Area's most influential Black individuals, whose work has moved society forward towards a more just, equitable, and interesting place. 

Learn about the important lives of Black Panthers, poets, musicians, activists, artists, and workers while enjoying the unique interpretive portraits created by the Blackiful Collective's artists. Among those included are Betty Reid Soskin, who at the age of 100 was the oldest park ranger in the National Park Service; Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, better known as award-winning musician Fantastic Negrito; radical lesbian poet Pat Parker; and Black Panthers Ericka Huggins and Fredrika Newton.

The text in this book is set in Atkinson Hyperlegible, an award-winning typeface named for Braille Institute founder J. Robert Atkinson that makes written materials easier to read across the entire visual-ability spectrum, including readers who are living with dyslexia and its multiple variants. Paperback, 64 pages.

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