YUA: Spirit of the Arctic

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The Thomas G. Fowler Collection at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco is home to a diverse range of works by indigenous artists from the Arctic, including ivory figurines made by ancient residents of the Bering Strait, nineteenth-century tools and regalia by Yup’ik and Iñupiaq makers, and multimedia sculptures by renowned contemporary Native artists from Alaska and Canada. Featuring such materials as walrus ivory, animal bone, driftwood, and stone, and evoking the natural landscape of their creation, these works of art attest to the Inuit concept of inua—an inner spirit present in all things. Yua: Spirit of the Arctic celebrates this remarkable collection and reveals the incredible creativity of these visionary artists. Hardcover, 140 pages.


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"The Museums are fortunate to have the superb Thomas G. Fowler collection of works by Native Alaskan and Canadian Inuit artists, which showcases their creativity and skill while also highlighting their history and culture of the Arctic."

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