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Cartier Design: A Living Legacy

This is a journey through Cartier’s history and its iconic jewelry.

This catalog is not a nostalgic journey through the past; rather, it seeks to highlight the way in which Cartier’s heritage serves as an inspiration to new generations of designers across the world, and how those repertoires take on a new spirit upon being reinvented by a new generation responsible for continuing, developing, renewing, and keeping alive the fashion house’s great legacy.

Five thematic units—The Early Days and the Birth of a Style, Universal Curiosity, Jeanne Toussaint’s Taste, Wearing Beauty and Measuring Time, and María Félix and Icons of Elegance—present close to 180 pieces from the Cartier Collection as well as institutional and private collections. In this way, the exhibition catalog allows us to understand the house’s history, and the development of its unique language and style, its savoir faire, and the evolution thereof. Hardcover, 288 pages.

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