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Jane Seymour Window Cling

This window cling features Jane Seymour, who was Queen of England from 1536 until her death in 1537, and was the third wife of Henry VIII. The original stained glass window can be seen at Cardiff Castle. Winged Heart clings are self-cling window decorations made with high grade materials and the highest quality printing achievable currently. There is no glue or adhesive, they cling to windows by static only. They are very easy to apply to the window, and can also be repositioned effortlessly. When you unpack your cling, you will find that it is mounted on a clear backing sheet. Remove it by lifting one corner and gently pulling off the backing. Then, after making sure your window or glass door is clean and dry, just smooth the cling onto the glass. If you do not get it right first time, just peel it off again and reposition. There is no residue. For best color retention, constant strong sunlight should be avoided. North or East facing windows preferred in the northern hemisphere and the opposite in the southern. Measures 3.9 x 8.5 in.

Winged Heart, a design studio situated on the borders of Scotland and Cumbria, creates stained glass reproductions from England’s historical sites and emblems. Many of the designs are true to their original source material located in cathedrals, abbeys and churches and other historical places. Reproduced as leaded glass roundels and self-cling window decorations, these beautiful pieces are made with high-grade materials and printed with brilliant transparent colors when placed against natural or artificial light.

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