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OneClock is designed to replace your alarm and encourage a phone free bedroom - no screens, no Bluetooth, no WiFi, no apps, no notifications - just warm, organic minimalism and a tactile analog experience. Loud, jarring sounds create stress and negatively impact the nervous system, increasing cortisol levels. OneClock asked Grammy Award winning composer Jon Natchez from The War on Drugs to create a collection of musical compositions to help you wake up better. The waking music gently increases in volume, fading in over 30 seconds, to slowly wake your brain. Humans are susceptible to alarm fatigue, keeping this in mind OneClock shuffles songs to keep your brain engaged and wake you reliably. Swiss designed analog movement, 100% silent with 12-hour timekeeping. Power up with USB-C cord with US plug adapter with internal backup power system. Made from powder coated aluminum, FSC Certified wood oak, and glass. Measures 4.4×3.5×7.1 in.


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